3.1     Safety Glasses and Gloves must always be worn. Masks must be worn if you must leave your work area, if someone enters your work area or if you are within 6 foot of another person.
3.2     Stylus will be provided for the startup and shut down of Presses. Do not use your hands.
3.3     Employees must remain in their workstations (do not visit with other Operators or Quality Control employees) during the duration of the shift.
3.4     If Quality or Press issues occur notify supervisor by raising your hand. Supervisor or designee will fill out ANDON sheet.
3.5     QC will do their checks (except for gaging) at a different location. Please adhere to the social distancing requirements for QC and Maintenance.
3.6     No sharing of any personal items.
3.7     No fans will be allowed.
3.8     Restrooms will be open for one employee at a time.


4.1     Maintain social distancing.
4.2     Smoking Area is closed (Smoking is only permitted in your personal vehicle).
4.3     Cafeteria use social distancing seating. Seats are clearly marked.
4.4     Vending machines are no longer available.

5.0     END OF SHIFT

5.1     Leave carts at workstations.
5.2     Clean up workstations.
5.3     Line up at time clock using the social distancing marks on the floor.

​5.4     Exit through south door by the loading dock.
5.5     Do not congregate in parking lot.

6.1     1st offense employee will be sent home without pay.
6.2     2nd offense employee will receive 3 days off without pay.
6.3     3rd offense employee will receive 5 days off without pay.
6.4     4th offense employee will result in termination.

7.0       Responsibility and Authority (R&A)

General Manager, QA Manager / Management Rep have the responsibility of ensuring this procedure is met.  Employees have been granted authority in order to meet specified requirements.

8.0       References

CDC/WHO/Health Authorities

9.0       Related Procedures and Support Documentation
FCA recommendations 

​                 QSP 11.1 Employee Daily Requirements for Infectious Disease Workplace Safety




1.1     Self-Diagnose by asking yourself the following questions.  The answer to all questions must be "NO" before coming to work.

–Have you experienced a fever, cough, sore throat, diarrhea and/ or difficulty breathing?

-When you took your temp within the last 2 hours was it 100.4 or greater?

-Have you traveled by airplane internationally or domestically within the last 14 days?

-Have you traveled outside of the state within the past 14 days?

-Have you been in close contact with anyone who has been confirmed or is waiting on COVID-19 test results?

-Have you been quarantined in the past 14 days?

1.2       Employees must take their temperature at home before coming to work.  If it is above 100.4, stay home and follow approved call in procedure.



2.1     Gates will open at 5:45 am and close at 6:15 am.
2.2     Employees must put on their mask and gloves before entering the Truck Dock.
2.3     Employees are to line up in the loading dock not more than 10 min before start of workday (Unless a pre-approved entrance has been approved by your supervisor). Employees must maintain safe social distancing; the walkway is clearly marked.
2.4     Employees must answer the questions from above 1.1 and have their temp taken before approved to work. By signing the LPA, you acknowledge that the questions have been answered "NO" and you have been approved to work.
2.5     Employees will be told their work assignments and can proceed to the time clock. Carts will already be in your assigned location. Use provided hand sanitizer at the time clock and put your gloves back on.